My New Camera Bag! (I’m so excited!)


I’ve been wanting one of those “fancy, purse-style” camera bags for over a year now.  This past Christmas, I was given enough money from family members to finally buy one!  I spent months researching different styles and brands, reading reviews about quality vs. price, etc.  I finally decided to order a custom bag from Porteen Gear.  Then I had more choices to make!  At Porteen Gear, you get to choose all your own fabric and leather colors.  I chose a “purple flower” tapestry,  dark brown vintage leather, brown waxed canvas and wineberry cloth for the interior.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Shortly after placing my order, we went on vacation.  When I got home, there was a box waiting for me!  I was so excited, and had to open it right then – in the middle of the night.  The bag was wrapped nicely with a Porteen sticker on it. Image

My daughter was almost as excited as I was, and helped me inspect all the pockets and pouches, of which there are plenty.  There are three pouches on the front, a zipper pocket on the front, a velcroed section across the back of the interior, and two padded dividers in the interior.  Lots of room for everything I want to carry!Image

It’s big enough, but not too big.  Isn’t it pretty?  What a great treat to come home to!Image

So much prettier than the black and orange (yet still very functional) bag I used to carry.  The only down side is that my husband balks a little when I hand him my new bag to carry for me!  ImageAs a special bonus with my Porteen Gear bag, I received two thoughtful extras – a zippered pouch (which I filled with tissues, lip gloss and gum), and a leather card carrier. ImageMy battery charger and 50mm lens both fit nicely in the left section, Canon T2i w/ attached lens is in the center section, and the right section is available for another lens, flash, or I usually throw my wallet in there.  I have a USB cord and small zippered pouch in the back velcroed section, but an iPad also fits perfectly.  In the front zippered section, I have my extra memory cards, and there’s room for plenty more.  I use the 3 front pouches (from left – right) for my iPhone (in an Otterbox), business cards and a pen (not shown in this photo).   ImageI got to take the new bag for it’s first outing the next morning to my son’s baseball game.  🙂  I would highly recommend Porteen Gear if you’re in the market for a new camera bag.  They offer several sizes and styles.  There are pre-made bags for purchase at the Etsy store.  Or you can create a custom bag from the website. ImageI’m looking forward to taking this bag with me to many fun adventures and experiences.