Project 52

I decided in January to take part in a Project 52: a photo a week for the year of 2012. I’ve been posting those photos on my Facebook fan page. Go check it out – and “like” my page while you’re there! Click here for Moments Captured on Facebook.


Picture It photo contest

When I saw the theme for this month’s Epiphanie Camera Bags Picture It photo contest, I immediately thought of this photo. This is the first photo contest I’ve ever entered. It’d be great if I won! I’ve been wanting an Epiphanie camera bag since I first learned of them. I’m hoping to get one for my birthday this year.


This is the photo I entered the Epiphanie Camera Bags Picture It photo contest.

My Brother’s Wedding

HI all!  I had the joy of photographing my brother’s wedding a couple weeks ago.  It was a beautiful wedding, and fun reception.  I was happy to see most of my family members there. I am now happy to have a new sister-in-law and two new nieces!  (Though, of course, they’ve been practically family for a while now).  Here are a few fun photos from the wedding and reception.

watching mom come down the aisle

The flower girl giggling

"May I have this dance?"

The "first dance" turned into a "family dance".

Kissing amidst the chaos