Business Cards are in!

I designed a business card, and have already passed several out.  I’m so excited to move forward with my business.  

I had a busy weekend of photographing a birthday party and a wedding.  The party was a basketball 3 on 3 challenge for an 8 year old.  There were lots of kids and family there, and many great photo ops.  The wedding was a beautiful outdoor country wedding and BBQ.  I got many great photos, and my favorite assistant, (husband), also took some great low-light shots.  I’ve got lots of editing to do over this holiday weekend.


New Blog and New Business!

I’m so excited to get this blog up and running.  Please be patient while it’s under construction.

I’m also super excited to get my new business going.  By the end of May, I will have photographed 3 birthday parties and a wedding for new clients (not only friends and family).  I’m so appreciative to my loyal friends and family who have been my guinea pigs and my cheerleaders, and have introduced me to these new clients – and hopefully many more to come.  I plan to post a few photos from recent events, and continue to add more as I get more jobs.  Thanks for visiting!